Day 2

11 HUGS.  4 children, 7 adults, 2 people I have never met before.

I brought a scrap book down to my neighbors house documenting his return from Iraq.  The neighborhood had been all decked out with signs, balloons and yellow ribbons welcoming him home.  I wanted him to have a nice memento of this, so I knew these hugs would come easy.  I was blessed with an incredible bonus upon arriving at his house.  His father, whom I have never met, was in town visiting.  After hugging the soldier and his wife, it came all too natural to hug him upon introduction.  As I began walking away I heard, “Thank you for hugging me.” Oh. My. Goodness. if I could only describe how my heart swelled at hearing those words.  It almost brought me to tears.  I explained that I love to hug so much that I had begun blogging about my experiences and thanked him for such a wonderful experience to share today.  I left their house in complete awe that I already have this kind of experience to share and its only my SECOND DAY!

My next stop was the library and the boost in confidence I had just received gave me enough courage to ask my librarian for a hug.  Let’s just say the request wasn’t received with quite as much enthusiasm, but we hugged.  Now, I am not privy to the conversation she had with the other librarians after this, but I thought I saw a little private conversation after she returned to the desk.  Perhaps the impact I had on her was not for me to witness, but I hope it was heartfelt.

As I share my blog with other friends and family, I am beginning to hear their hugging experiences.  These are the stories that I encourage everyone to share with me (and each other).  Once I am more comfortable with this blogging thing, I will add the stories that others are sharing with me verbally.

Please accept my blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Great job kiddo. You are certainly doing wonderful already. This should be a remarkable year for you and your blog site. BIG HUG TO YOU!!!!
    Love you

  2. So honestly when I first learned of this my thought was ..why? ..weird…. BUT then you explained it and I digested it and now I think… WONDERFUL! Thank you for making me think outside of my little square box. I received a hug from you yesterday .. loved it!! Getting hugs when I was younger always made me feel good and special why should it change. It had been a while since I had received a hug from an adult. I needed it, it felt good , it made me feel good. Thank you! You are an amazing person!! SD 🙂

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