Day 9 – American Red Cross

12 HUGS, 2 children, 7 adults, 1 virtual

I am not sure I will be able to convey the emotion that I felt today, but here I go.  I baked perhaps 100 cookies to deliver to a local American Red Cross Disaster Relief area today.  I hoped that the love I poured into baking them from scratch would be felt by those impacted by the recent tornadoes in our area.  Upon entering the building I was warmly greeted by those working for and/or with the American Red Cross.  They were so grateful for my cookies, they not only helped me remove them from my car, but insisted that I not carry any of them because I had already done enough.

After they were brought into the relief area, I wanted to show love to those with the Red Cross for the tremendous work they do.  The first one I hugged squeezed me tight and we did not let go of each other.  She shared comforting words to me and I let her know that I was not personally affected by the storm.  She held me as I started to tear up and said that even if I didn’t have any physical damage to myself or my belongings that everyone in a community becomes affected.  Here I was offering hugs to others and the first person I hugged understood that it was I who needed the hug today.  The overwhelming rush of emotion I felt from that long meaningful hug moved me so much I couldn’t stop the flood of tears streaming from my eyes.  As she so elegantly put, with a hug there is no need for words.

I was then hugged by another member of Red Cross who shared with me his own hugging challenges as he was not from a hugging family.  He had to learn this craft.  I loved that he understood the importance of hugging so much that he went outside of his own comfort zone to learn how.  Needless to say I received 2 hugs from him.

Today I went out of my way to make others who have undergone a very traumatic experience feel loved and cherished and instead left feeling cared for and important.  It’s amazing all of the different things that can be said through a hug.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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