Day 12 – Easter Sunday

3 HUGS, 2 children, 1 husband

Most holidays our family likes to play hooky from real life.  We stay in our pajamas all day, eat until we are about to burst and lounge around pretty much doing nothing.  Today was no different however, I had a blog post to write at the end of the day.  Hmmm….

So, to honor all of my incredible faithful readers (that’s you!) I decided to begin a holiday tradition that I will continue throughout the year.  I will post an embarrassing picture of me in some sort of holiday gear (and I encourage you to do the same!).  Hopefully I will be able to spread joy to you through humor on the holidays.  Consider that my extra special holiday hug to you.

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog.  I hope you have had a very Happy Easter!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Easter Sunday

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  2. so adorable! i am happy to have found and to be fiwoollng your blog! you are such an inspiration. i just adore your work. thank you for sharing your art! xoxo, juliette

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