Day 13 – Why?

5 HUGS, 2 children, 3 adults

Today I got my first Why? from someone when I asked if I could hug them.  She seemed kind of hurried as I was paying for my groceries and as soon as I was finished she turned her light off.  Maybe it was break time?  So, I ask her for a hug and her eyes squint as she gives me a very cynical, “Why?”.  Her expression was so tense that I was sure I was about to get my first no.  I told her that it was just because I like to hug as I walked toward her.  Her shoulders dropped a little and she gave me the hug I requested.  By the time I let go, she may have still been in a bad mood, but there was certainly a smile on her face.  I was pondering her why question as I left the store and noticed a bumper sticker that read, Encourage Random Acts of Kindness.  I am guessing that car was not hers.

My second new friend today was a homeless man that asks for donations at an intersection that I frequent often.  He has the kindest eyes and I wonder how life led him to where he is.  My 4 year old had $5 that he was looking to donate and agreed to give it to this man.  As we were pulling closer to him the light turned green.  Knowing I would upset a few people, I stopped so that he could receive our money.  After he took it and graciously thanked my son, I noticed the light turn yellow.  The people behind me might have gotten even angrier, but I chose to stay right where I was.  I wanted to get a hug from this kind man.  I asked him for one which he happily obliged.  His name is Butch (my dad’s name!) and he is the oldest of 5 children that he basically raised from the time he was 10 years old.  He let us know that we gave him exactly what he asked for.  He said he was in the woods praying to God for a $5 bill and that is what he received from us.  He continued to bless us and offer us the peace sign a few more times before the light turned green again and I left him standing at the corner hoping for more random acts of kindness. I was grateful that no one behind me honked and I hope it was because they all realized the weight of what I was doing in engaging this beautiful soul.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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