Day 16 – The Bright Side

11 HUGS, 5 children, 3 adults

Twice now I have passed by an opportunity to hug a friend’s husband who questioned why I decided to write this blog.  I made it a mission to hug him the next time I saw him.  That opportunity presented itself in a very unexpected way.  After leaving their house last night his question wasn’t “why is she writing the blog?” instead it was, “why didn’t she hug me?”  Hmm..I think I have a converter.  Welcome to the bright side my friend, welcome.

On another note, I had a conversation today with a male family member who brought up a concern they have about being able to unabashedly hug the way that I have been.  This is the second time I have heard this concern.  Is it easier for me as a woman to hug without coming across as “creepy”?  Or, is it all in the way I present myself to others?  If a man were to allow themselves to become completely vulnerable and open to others when requesting the hug would it really be any different from my experiences?  Anyone know a man who would be up for a challenge?

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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