Day 21 – Gas Station Hug

6 HUGS, 2 children, 4 adults (1 husband, 1 random new friend, 1 BJs employee, 1 neighbor)

I was at a gas station of all places when I struck up a conversation with a new friend.  (Just to clarify for those of you new to my blog, “new friend” is my friendly term for strangers.)  We were discussing vehicle options and we had an ease of conversation that really drew me to her.  At the end of our conversation, I asked her for a hug.  Smiling, she laughed and said, “ok”.  I felt that explaining my blog to her would not compromise the enjoyable exchange we had, so I shared.  She gave me credit for being able to do such a thing and didn’t think she would be able to do it.  I told her that I am able to do it because of reactions like hers.  As she was leaving, she turned back to me and added “Maybe today I will hug a stranger.”  What music to my ears.  These are some of the sweetest words I have heard in the last 21 days.

After this exchange, I needed to finish some grocery shopping at BJ’s.  Upon leaving, there is an attendant who checks your receipts.  The attendant that was working today is an older gentleman who I have seen there frequently and he is incredibly friendly.  I knew this would be an easy request.  Even still, it always warms my heart when the person that I hug thanks me even though I am the one that requested the hug.  That is always an instant confirmation that I have made a positive impact on their day.  Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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