Day 24 – Dream Hug

7 HUGS, 2 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 1 employee at Strawberry Farm, 1 grandma I met at Lowe’s Home Improvement, 1 employee at Lowe’s HI, 1 dream burglar)

My day of hugs started while I was sleeping last night.  I had a dream that I hugged a burglar.  I was taking care of a friend’s house, it was late at night and just as I turned off the alarm the burglar entered the house.  I hit the panic button and realizing that the police were on their way the burglar struck up a conversation with me.  I felt such pity for him because he didn’t want this kind of a lifestyle.  So, as the sirens were wailing in the background and I knew I wouldn’t have a chance when they showed up, I asked him for a hug.  He gratefully accepted and we hugged.  Then, I woke up.  I hope this isn’t someone’s way of telling me I am becoming a little obsessive about this hug thing.  Anyway, I’ve included that in my hug count for the day.  Hmmm…obsessive might be a fitting word.

It’s easier to hug someone when they have done something obvious for me.  Such as a cashier that rings up my purchases or an employee who helps me find what I am looking for.  Today, I encountered an incredibly friendly woman outside in the garden center at Lowe’s who struck up a conversation with me about my boys.  She was so warm and spoke with the boys in the way that a grandmother does.  She confirmed that she was when I asked.  She continued to speak to my children so lovingly that I just had to ask her for a hug.  Even the friendly ones seem to be a little taken aback by my request.  I understand.  It is not the custom around here to invade personal space.  But, she allowed the invasion and I let her know that I hoped she had a great Mother’s Day.  I left feeling hopeful that her day was brighter despite the rain beginning to fall.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


One thought on “Day 24 – Dream Hug

  1. I would have to say obsessive is the right word buy it’s such a great thing you are doing. Love you {{HUG}}

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