Day 32 – Hug For Your LIFE!

6 HUGS, 2 children, 4 adults (1 husband, 1 Target cashier, 1 solicitor of church news, 1 hairdresser)

Living so close to Garner, NC, I spent a decent amount of time reflecting on celebrities this morning.  Today, Scotty Mcreery had his hometown visit now that he is in the top 3 on American Idol.  As I patiently sat behind a long line of cars on my way to the library 3 hours before his concert at Lake Benson Park, I wondered what the fascination is with celebrities.  They are people just like us.  As a matter of fact a few short months ago Scotty was one of “us”.  Even so, I did not need to travel this road to get to the library.  I will admit, I did it because my car just seemed to want to veer in that direction. *shrugs*

My next stop after the library was Target.  As I left the parking lot I noticed a gentleman passing out literature in the parking lot.  I assumed it was church affiliated as it usually is.  Instead of running from him, I walked toward him.  (I think he was a little shocked by this.)  I gratefully accepted his literature and offered a hug.  He thanked me and told me that I helped to encourage him.  He then blessed me and I heard a voice from across the parking lot.  Another solicitor that was with him blessed me as well.  When I got in my truck I took a quick peek at the literature…

LOL!!  Oh man, I wasn’t expecting that.  After my my laughter finally died down (pun intended) it got me thinking once again about this morning.  As with celebrities, we often pass judgement on others.  In the end (May 21 apparently), we are all just people.  This gentleman must truly believe in his cause and if so, he is just trying to warn the rest of us.  When I thought about how difficult it must be to stand out there approaching others who obviously want nothing to do with him I actually admired him.  He is just a man who like the rest of us is just grateful for a hug.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


3 thoughts on “Day 32 – Hug For Your LIFE!

  1. this is a great story…can i steal it for a future sermon illustration if I give you credit? Reminds me of the time I invited a group of Jehova’s witnesses to talk theology in my backyard. They didn’t stay long.
    I really do get alot out of your blog—thank you. I hugged some people in Lowes yesterday…old church members I had not seen in awhile…my daughter and my husband.

    • Pam, I would be honored for you to use my story. I encourage sharing my stories to as many people as possible! I am so thrilled every time I hear about new hugs you are getting. I am blessed to have you sharing this journey with me.

  2. I’m passing The Versatile Blogger Award on to you! I love your concept and the way you document it. My site and the person’s I received it from can tell you more about the award. Thank you for hugging and blogging!

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