Day 38 – Party

11 HUGS, 4 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends, 2 Shipping Store Owners)

I had to mail a package to my sister today, so my first errand of the day was to Bulldog Express.  The owners are the sweetest couple.  You know the kind, that always have free lollipops for the children.  They also usually have Princess (yup, a bulldog) hanging around back which thrills the kids as well.  Today I took the time to ask them for hugs.  The husband seemed kind of skeptical so I let him know about the blog.  I find that recently I have been doing that more and more.  When I do it, I feel as though I am hiding behind the blog, not owning up to the real reason which is that I just want to hug them.  I’m not sure why I am doing this now after all this time, but I would like to stop.  After all, I don’t want them thinking that it is the only reason for the hug.  That defeats the purpose.  Then, it becomes, “oh, I knew there was something in it for her.”  Who is going to perceive joy from that?  Fortunately, his wife loves hugs and was thrilled that I waited while she finished with a customer for her hug.  I left feeling slightly redeemed.

Earlier in the day I  spoke with someone from the Streets at Southpoint.  They denied me access to their mall when I asked if I could spend a few hours with my FREE HUGS sign there.  (Juan Mann style, see it here.)  I was told that no solicitors are allowed.  Solicitors??!!  I actually got upset.  I let the girl know that I wasn’t soliciting, I just wanted to hug people.  She had a slightly condescending tone and again let me know soliciting isn’t allowed.  I asked her (not so politely), “So, you are saying that you do not want me at your mall spreading love around?”  I can only imagine how I must have sounded to her.  Looking back, I probably did sound crazy, but I took personal offense.  Needless to say I was practically in tears when I got off the phone.  I knew this day would come, yet I still wasn’t prepared for it.  What comes next?  Yup,

PITY PARTY!  Care to join me?  At least I do them in style.  Yes, that is a strawberry daquiri and yes, that is Meyers Dark Rum floating on the top. (thank you cruise lines for that great tip!)  I actually spent the next hour (or two) thinking, I don’t know why I am doing this.  People are not going to change, they will always remain cynical and I am wasting my time.  (I know, I know, goes against everything that I just said yesterday.)

I am now hitting the bottom of my glass and my spirits are lifted.  I will make more calls until I find places that want my hugs.  I will stop hiding behind my blog when people question why I am doing this.  I will not give up.  I have and I will make a difference.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


8 thoughts on “Day 38 – Party

  1. malls loss girl….just go stand in the parking lot somewhere….i don’t know if I could but my hats off to you…happy friday

    • It’s going to be an experience that’s for sure! Sat. 5/28 is the plan. Of course, if the world ends tomorrow, I have nothing to worry about. LOL

  2. You can do it!! You have already touched so many people’s lives and will touch many more. Somewhere will allow you to give out free hugs. If not I’ll come down there and bail you out if you get in trouble.

  3. I agree with the Pity Party. I would have joined you had it not been so far away. Love you and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Mom! I’ll try to keep the pity parties to a minimum, but if I encounter another one, I’ll call you beforehand. We’ll drink together separately. 🙂

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