Day 39 – Right Place at the Right Time Hug

10 HUGS, 5 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 1 sno-cone maker, 3 neighborhood friends)

All week long I have needed to go to the grocery store.  Instead of stressing over obstacles, I tried remaining calm with my mantra, what’s meant to be will be.  Once again, I was rewarded for my patience and acceptance of life’s little nuances.  With both children in tow, I finally made it this afternoon.  As I arrived, I noticed this little sno-cone booth set up. The proceeds were going to  Not even thinking of the hug I would be receiving, I gladly bought one for my oldest. I did ask the sno-cone maker for a hug of course.  It was the best one that I have received from a new friend yet!  I even said as much to him.  He let me know that it is because he loves hugs.  Now, I know yesterday I said I wouldn’t mention the blog, but I just HAD to give him one of my You’ve Been Hugged stickers (from day 36).  I hope the impact I made on him was even half of the impact he made on me.

This past week, something the Pastor said in church really resonated with me. There is a fairly true perception that if something is given then another is taken away.  We can’t all be wealthy, successful, beautiful.  If one person has success then another has failure.  If one person has abundance then another has a shortage.  If one is beautiful then another has flaws.  He then reminded us that this will never be true for love.  As a matter of fact, love defies this theory, because the more we give away to others, the more we gain for ourselves.  39 days of hugs.  39 days of love.  When I reach 365 I expect my heart will be overflowing.  Yet I know that the more I gain, the more I will crave.  I am addicted and I like it that way.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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