‘Like’ My Facebook Fan Page

For all of you faithful readers, I have now created a Facebook Fan Page.  Please visit and ‘Like’ my page!  I will be updating it with bonus material.  Find out when and how I come up with my ideas, when executions don’t happen like I plan, and more!  Like what you are reading?  Please share with your friends!

{{{HUGS}}}  Be back later!


3 thoughts on “‘Like’ My Facebook Fan Page

  1. okay…you have to tell me how to do this…I’ve been trying to figure it out. Is this free or do I have to pay to have a fan page? I’m clueless. I didn’t even have a facebook until April when I started getting my blog rolling.

    • All right, I’ll get you started, but then you are on your own. I still have NO clue what I am doing. Ha Ha! It is free and if you scroll down to the bottom of your HOME page there is a link to Create a Page. Once you do that, you then choose the option for Brand or Product. You’ll see a drop down, select website. From there, it kinda walks you through. I still haven’t completed my setup (I think), but the page is at least up. Good luck!

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