Day 40 – Community Hugs

14 HUGS, 4 children, 8 adults (1 husband, 1 new church friend, 1 neighborhood friend, 5 Book Club Ladies)

Today in church the ‘almost’ Minister (18 more days!) discussed core needs.  One of our core needs is to belong to a community.  Most of us are searching for this our whole life.  We find it in our families, our churches, our neighborhoods, our Book Clubs.  If we take a moment to step back we can realize that without trying, we are a community.  We are all human beings.  Deep down we do all understand this.  I believe that is why I am able to ask strangers (new friends) for hugs and why they are so willing (usually) to give them back. There is an unspoken understanding that hugs are good and it reinforces the human community that we all belong to.

One of the communities outside of the human race that I belong to is The Purple Teeth Book Club.  (red wine does that you know…) This month we read Loving Frank.  I was not loving Frank.  As a matter of fact none of us were.  I digress.  This was the first book club since starting my blog.  After doling out hugs, 2 of my book club friends immediately asked, “Is this going to make your blog?”  Well, of course.  I got a LOT of teasing over the course of the night.  A lot of disbelief over the people I am hugging.  But there was quite a bit of sharing as well and an over abundance of joy and laughter.

I am sad to see one of our Purple Teeth members leaving as she is moving out of the area.  She was the final spark I needed to begin this blog and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share that with her tonight.  Before she joined, even though the rest of us had shared and laughed for well over a year, there was never consistent hugging.  (There may not have been any.)  Each book club that she attended, she made sure to hug each member before leaving.  That was what got me thinking about why I was no longer hugging my friends regularly and so it began.  She will continue to join us through Skype, but well, video hugs might be a little difficult.  *pause to think*  Hmmm….challenge accepted.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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