Day 42 – Time for Hugs

9 HUGS, 2 children, 1 one month old, 6 adults (1 husband, 2 waste disposal workers, 1 nurse, 1 Doctor, 1 new hot mama)

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This morning started with a trip to the Doctor’s.  I knew I was being overly dramatic, but when it comes to my children’s health, I get paranoid (they have colds).  Anyway, the trash had to be taken to the dump too.  Would I have the time?  The thought that maybe my long bearded, burly, cigar smoking friend would be there encouraged me to make the time.  His hugs are great.  I was in luck!  We hugged and I turned to a girl that I have seen there before, but never had the opportunity to hug.  Today, I asked her for a hug.  She happily obliged me and as I was walking away I overheard her say to burly man,  “Been a long time since I’ve gotten a hug.”  I am still at a loss for words over that one.  On one hand I felt blessed that I had that opportunity to give her something that everyone needs and deserves.  On the other hand I wondered why hugs aren’t more abundant in her life.  It’s obviously not from not wanting them, she wouldn’t have been so glad to receive mine.  All I know is that from now on if she’s there, she better believe she will be getting hugs from me.

After the Doctor’s appointment, I was about 20 minutes from my girlfriend’s house (but a full 20 minutes closer than from where I live).  You know, the one with the baby.  That sweet little thing is going to be one month old this Friday!  I haven’t seen her or her mama in quite some time.  I knew this would add an extra 40 minutes on to my drive back home with 2 kids who were still a little under the weather.  40 minutes seemed a small price to pay to give 2 people a hug that I knew would greatly need and appreciate them.  Leaving the kids in the car, I made the quick trip up the stairs just to give 2 of my most important hugs of the day.  I am happy to report that both mama and baby are doing amazing.  These hug stories that I had to share with you today got me thinking about time.

In general we all worry way too much about time.  (Guilty, Your Honor)  Some things are just more important.  Hugs, for example.  If I had chosen to worry about getting to the Doctor’s office on time, I would not have gone to the dump.  Two very important hugs missed.  If I had chosen to worry about time spent in my car that could have been spent getting to my honey do list at home I would not have gone to my girlfriend’s house.  Two very important hugs missed.  When it comes right down to it and I find myself worrying more about time than the truly important things, I try to look ahead and say, “How will my being late to the Doctor’s make a difference tomorrow?”  It won’t.  “How many more things will I get done by going straight home rather than making a quick pit stop to see a precious child?”  Not enough.  I am working hard at not letting time run my life, but letting me run my life.  When I do, I am always rewarded.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


5 thoughts on “Day 42 – Time for Hugs

  1. So Violet strikes again and it so fits into your blog today in relation to time…that is BEDTIME, she loves to ask for a hug from which ever parent is NOT putting her to bed that evening (just to prolong bed time.) Thanks to you tomorrow evening I will take a deep breath and remind myself to enjoy the moment, rather then becoming frustrated that she is still not in bed, really what does two minutes for a hug hurt.

    • Enjoy, Enjoy! It’s so hard when they pull stuff like this. Where do you draw the line? I personally think that they will eventually grow out of this phase, so until then, why not spoil them a little? (SOOOOO easier said than done.)

  2. Speaking of time, we never know when it will be the last time for anything…that it why the mantra of “enjoying every moment” (even the times when we feel as though we don’t have the time for that “moment”) is necessary in our busy and hurried world. Whether taking the time to give a hug, or just simply taking the time to go out of your way to make someone else the center of attention, other than ourselves, if we all just took a little more time to pay attention to how we are loving our neighbor, we might just start to see a little more love in the world! Thanks Melinda for your selfless love and for your blog!! I love it!! And say HI to that “mama and baby” for me….since I am no longer on FB, I feel a bit out of the loop! xoxox

    • So true, Cathy. And, I am so glad you are enjoying this. I thought you might like it. I will let mama and baby know you said hi! Love you! xoxox

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