Day 43 – With Open Arms

A lot of HUGS, 4 children, A lot of adults (1 husband, 2 parents of a child getting tonsils removed, 2 bus stop parents, 2 Mail Store owners, 1 mail store customer, 1 farmer, 1 worker at farm, whole lotta girls at an open house)

I finally did it.  I hugged so many people I couldn’t keep count.  I officially need a counter, ya know something that I can click for each hug I give.  It would have come in handy today!

Now that I am getting recognized for my hugs, I thought maybe people would back off and think, “Oh, here she comes again, maybe if I look busy she won’t bother me.”  That is not the case at all!  I am being welcomed with open arms.  As a matter of fact the farmer at Smith’s Nursery even joked that he was waiting around for me to show up.  I pick up my veggies on Wednesdays between 9-6.  He saw that I ordered a box and when I arrived he was standing right by the entrance.  It almost looked as though he HAD been waiting for me.  At Bulldog Express, (located in Garner, NC, home of Scotty Mcreery.  Congrats, Scotty!!)  the owners were thrilled to hug me and looked forward to more.  Their joy must have been contagious because when I offered up hugs a stocky young man that was shipping a package even agreed to a hug!

Tonight I attended an open house with a ton of girls from the neighborhood.  I live on Wisteria Lane.  No, not really, there is a little less drama.  What I love is that any of the girls would do anything for each other.  I feel blessed to live here and I couldn’t offer up enough hugs tonight.  That was what really skewed my numbers.  I wasn’t giving just one hug per person, I was giving hug after hug after hug.  There were even a few new girls there that I never met before.  I hope they didn’t mind, but I didn’t even ask for hugs.  I just introduced myself as Melinda the hugger and lunged at them before they could reject my hug.  They were incredibly gracious and grateful.  So, now it is almost midnight and I am getting this post in by the skin of my teeth.  It was worth the wait being able to sit here and write to you that I hugged too many people to count.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


3 thoughts on “Day 43 – With Open Arms

  1. Melinda,
    thanks for coming over today…..I have added Hugs at the end of my posts…I hoped you wouldn’t mind…..I think I’m beginning to like hugs….verdict is still out…

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