Day 44 – Hey, That’s My Job!

5 HUGS, 2 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood friend, 1 UPS driver)

I would like to start this post by congratulating Scotty McCreery on his American Idol win.  I am sending a lot of hugs his way as he is probably going to need more than ever during this overwhelming exciting time in his life.  Your hometown of Garner is supporting you all the way!

What a glorious day today was.  I began my morning by heading to the pool with the 2 kids.  I saw (and hugged) a neighborhood friend that I am looking forward to getting to know better over the course of the summer.  (We plan on pool play dates!)  Then, my best hug of the day occurred on the walk back home.  My local UPS driver was heading up the street and stopped when he saw me.  (We hugged the first time on Day 41 when I gave him one of my stickers.)  We always exchange pleasantries.  Imagine my surprise when today, he took my job!  He looked at me and asked, “Have you gotten your hug today?”  I had gotten one, but not from him, so I ran up into his UPS truck and gave him a big ‘ole hug.  I love giving hugs, but I LOVE being given hugs.  I let him know that he made my day and practically skipped the rest of the way home.

I finally received something I have been waiting for in the mail today.  Be sure to HONK if you see me driving by!!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 44 – Hey, That’s My Job!

  1. Girl- you really may start a love revolution….can you send me one of those stickers??? I dig spreading the love….and did I mention, I LOVE YOU!!

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