Day 50 – Bat Signal? Nope, Hug Signal!

24 HUGS, 11 children, 9 adults (1 husband, 5 neighborhood friends, 1 Smith’s Nursery Owner, 2 Smith’s Nursery Employees)

I am the hugging lady!  Woo Hoo!!  I made my weekly trip to Smith’s Nursery today.  I needed some help because I was purchasing some plants for my front yard.  The teenager working the counter let the owner know that I needed assistance.  As my sons and I were waiting, we decided to have fun checking out all of the other beautiful flowers they had.  I turned around when I heard someone coming.  The owner was walking toward me and blurts out, “She said that someone needed me, but she didn’t say it was the hugger!”  Awww…I really am getting a reputation, and I like it.  Just to confirm this, as I finished paying, I let the young girl behind the counter know that no one was immune to my hugs.  She realized who I was as I was walking toward her for the hug and yelled, “Oh!  You’re the hugger!!”  With a huge smile on her face she hugged me tight.  A young teenage boy was behind her and I gave him the look and repeated, “no one is immune”.  He sheepishly walked toward me and gave me the hug I wouldn’t have left without.

Today I learned that a friend recently received some tough news.  As she was explaining her situation to another friend she said, “I need a Melinda hug.”  That tore at my heart strings and I wished I had gotten a call yesterday.  I would have been there in an instant.  I wasn’t though, so I made sure I was there today.  I took the opportunity to hug both her and her husband.  She let me know how much she appreciated me taking the time to be there today.  I mentioned all of this to my husband and his response? “You need a Bat Signal”  Oh man, yes I do!  My very own Hug Signal.  In the meantime, I take phone and email requests.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


9 thoughts on “Day 50 – Bat Signal? Nope, Hug Signal!

  1. What a great post! Again tears to my eyes. I’m glad your getting to hug teenage/ young men, studies show that young men don’t get hugged as much as young ladies and they need the hugs just as much as the next person does.once again….You are Awesome!!!!

    • Thanks Jolene! You would think the compliments get old, but they don’t. 🙂 If you ever come across those kind of studies, please point me in that direction because I would love to add them to my blog.

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