Day 53 – Door to Door Sales

12 HUGS, 5 children, 7 adults (1 husband, 1 door to door salesman, 4 neighborhood friends, 1 pool committee chairperson)

I, like most people, am very skeptical with door to door sales people. Who does that anymore? Recently, a gentleman came calling and kind of made me nervous with his sales tactics. Needless to say, he did not receive a hug.  Not because I thought he wasn’t worthy. I believe everyone is. It was more because I still need to be able to protect my family. My instincts were kicking into high gear, so I listened. He was probably harmless, but I wasn’t willing to find out.

Today, a young girl came calling. She was a college intern selling children’s books. I was intrigued. Granted she was a door to door sales person, but if this journey has taught me anything, it is to keep an open mind. I listened to her sales pitch. I asked questions. I was impressed. I purchased the books. I will be home pre-schooling my 4 year old, so they were perfect. I am so glad I remained open to her pitch. Of course, after all was said and done, I asked her for a hug and I figured with her being a college student that she might appreciate one of my stickers. After giving me a big squeeze, she proudly adorned my sticker. I hope that she had tremendous success today.

My wedding anniversary is on Tuesday, so my husband and I decided to celebrate tonight. Our neighbors are a blessing. They babysat our children while we enjoyed Coronas and scrabble at the community pool. It was a beautiful perfect evening. We had perhaps 1 minute alone (that is my husband in the pool). But we expected that seeing as how it is a community pool.  It actually worked out nice, I got 3 additional hugs out of today by going to the pool.  When we got home I knew I had a blog post to write so sat down (with my Corona) to write.  Hubby said, “tell them all it’s your anniversary and wish them a good night.” Oh honey, it’s not so simple.  I have committed myself to one year and truthfully? I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This may just be the best commitment I have made in my life (aside from my marriage of course). Today I count my blessings.  I have an amazing husband, beautiful healthy children, fantastic friends and hugs.  Life doesn’t get much better.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


8 thoughts on “Day 53 – Door to Door Sales

  1. I bought some great books from a college kid selling kids books as well (last summer)…wonder if they’re the same….ANYHOW, cute story to tell you….I have shared with Aiden and Jason what you are doing, and we have told Aiden how Cooper gives you great hugs, often by saying, “mommy, I have a surprise for you”. And we have been requesting a “Cooper hug” from Aiden when we want a hug …..tonight, at bedtime, I requested a hug, and when he was done squeezing me as hard as he could, he said “Mom, that was a great big Cooper-Melinda hug”…we love you, you are always in our hearts, even though you are far away, and we are thankful for the impact you are having on people’s lives and hearts with your hugs….loves and HUGS to you, friend!!! xoxoxox

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