Day 55 – Firemen Hugs

19 HUGS, 6 children, 13 adults (1 husband, 4 neighborhood friends, 1 book club friend, 1 waste disposal worker, 1 gas station attendant, 3 firemen, 1 mail store owner, 1 mail store customer)

I was out running errands today wondering as I do every day where the inspiration for my blog would come from.  I arrived in the parking lot of my 3rd errand of the day and what do I see? A firetruck!  Woo Hoo!

Image: Surachai /

Jackpot.  It appeared they were getting ready to leave, so I sped (not too fast of course) through the parking lot and pulled up alongside them.  The driver was walking around the truck and saw me looking at him so he paused (out of sheer curiosity over the crazy lady barreling up the parking lot I am sure). I jumped out of the car and yelled, “Can I give you a hug?” His face had a look that showed that he clearly thought I was insane. I explained that I have a blog about hugs.  As he finished hugging me, I noticed the fireman in the passenger seat was opening his door to get out.  He happily gave me a hug, but he also had a questioning look on his face.  I explained that I am hugging people and writing about it over the next year, but that I was so excited because they were my first firemen.  I just finished explaining this when I hear from behind me, “Hey…I’m a fireman too!”  I turn around to see a third fireman walking back to the truck.  He obviously wanted to be included in my round of hugs, so I obliged.  I thanked them for their service as firemen and got back to running my errands.

So many people hold jobs that are incredibly demanding or even dangerous so that our lives will become better or safer.  These people deserve hugs on a daily basis for no other reason than to thank them for choosing such a career for the sake of others. Generally, I wait for an opportune time to ask someone for a hug.  In cases such as firemen, police officers, soldiers, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and countless others ANY time is an opportune time.


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