Day 57 – Thinking is Overrated

15 HUGS, 7 children, 8 adults (1 husband, 1 Lowe’s Food employee, 1 Smith’s Nursery employee, 5 neighborhood friends)

Today I helped a neighbor get her son off of the school bus. I love doing it because it gives me a minute to connect with some of my neighbors that I don’t see on a regular basis. After subjecting them to my hugs, they took the opportunity to hug each other. That prompted a discussion about how my quest has affected their lives. One of them wants to hug more often in general. The other mentioned that she hugged a girlfriend the other night after we all went to a movie and didn’t know why. I think I might know. The hug movement has begun!

On a side note, thinking is completely overrated.  I have noticed that when I give myself the opportunity to think about what I am doing or wondering if I should be hugging the person in front of me, I become completely nervous and have been known to chicken out. If I just go about my day and ask for a hug without thinking, it becomes a natural pattern. The more natural it feels to me, the more responsive others are to the hug. I had more of a point to this, but now I don’t remember. See, totally overrated. Here’s to an evening without thinking, more feeling and lots of hugs.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



7 thoughts on “Day 57 – Thinking is Overrated

  1. Hi Mel
    You know, since I started reading your blog, I’ve been craving more hugs. And the funniest part now is, I’ve been getting more hugs! Of course, I’ve been giving them too! And yes, you are SO right when you say don’t think, just hug. I realized that because of your influence, I’ve become more free with my hugs and am hugging my friends more. And feeling SO good! So a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart, and could you have ever imagined the hug movement reaching far off Bahrain?(though in the tiniest way. For now.)

    • I love this! I’d be curious what kind of influence you are having on YOUR friends now. Are they subconsciously feeling the influence and hugging more?
      And no, I never would have thought how far this would reach. It’s kind of exciting. It’s comments like this that inspire me to try to reach farther (well, maybe not farther, I am not sure how much farther I could reach, but more…more places.) 🙂 Big {{HUG}} to you, Shabana!

  2. So, your hugging influence has spanned to NH in a big way. I was telling your neighbor, SD, that a week ago someone was visiting my house that I’m not terribly fond of. Normally, upon her departure, I would bid her farewell and go about my business….cordial but nothing more. Inspired by your blog, I hugged her goodbye and tried to put more into it than the “2 pats on the back, guy-type hug”. I have become more conscious of my hugs. I’ve always been a bit of a hugger and now am becoming more aware of the sincerity behind them.

    • Yeah, Michelle! I am so happy to hear this. Is she someone that you would have normally hugged or was it out in left field? How did she respond? C’mon, I want to know details! 🙂

  3. I love your daily hugs, it’s interesting to see who you will hug. I’m a hugger and have been giving a lot today with my grand kids.

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