Day 60 – Neighborhood Picnic

13 HUGS, 2 children, 10 adults (7 neighborhood friends, 3 New neighborhood friends)

I have been anticipating our neighborhood picnic for about a month now. I kept thinking about whether or not I would bring my FREE HUGS sign, whether or not I would try to take a picture of a group hug as well as a few other ideas. All of a sudden, it was picnic day. I still had no plan in place and wondered what I would do. Turns out, I just really wanted to get to know my neighbors. I didn’t want to feel like there was an agenda (even if that agenda was just to spread joy). So, there was no FREE HUGS sign, no group shot, just simple I am glad you are my neighbor hugs. Most of the people I hugged were people I am already friends with, but not all. One of the 3 that I consider a new neighborhood friend is the chairperson for the pool committee. We don’t know each other well, but she does know me as the hugging lady. One was someone I used to see often last year at the pool and I always enjoyed her company, but this was the first time I saw her this year. The final one is someone who recently had a baby. She lives on my road, but we have never formally been introduced so AFTER my hug, I introduced myself. I realize that was a little backward, but oh well. I left feeling like I disappointed myself in the hug department, but now, writing about it, I realize it was far from a disappointment. I hugged, I felt joy, I shared joy. I would say it was more like a huge success!

On a side note that really has nothing to do with hugs, I finally got around to cleaning out the dryer vent because I often see a bird flying in there trying to stick twigs in. I was concerned she was building a nest, but didn’t really think it was possible. Boy, was I ever wrong. There was even an egg to prove how wrong I was. Now I have a very distraught 4 year old concerned about the egg I removed from its nest. Never mind the fact that the amount of twigs that were in our dryer should have caused a massive fire.  I am thanking my guardian angels tonight. (The twigs were stuffed all the way down the hose to the actual dryer!)

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 60 – Neighborhood Picnic

  1. You have such wonderful blogs all the time but I was amazed that the bird that we kept trying to stay out of your dryer vent when we were there was able to get all that in the vent. Thank God no fire started! I wonder, however, if at any point she had more than just the one egg.

    Love you. {{{{HUGS}}}}

    • I was thinking that too, maybe this was just one that didn’t hatch? Oh well, definitely keeping a closer eye on it from now on!
      I love too Mom! {{{HUGS}}}

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