Day 61 – Life Unscripted

11 HUGS, 2 children, 1 6 week and 2 day old infant, 6 adults (1 new church friend, 2 Sunday School leaders, 2 new parents, 1 waitress)

With 2 children it is often very difficult just to let life happen. My 1 year old in particular is such a creature of habit that most of our days need some sort of a plan (including 2 naps in his own bed). This is what makes a day like today so special. Sure, I planned going to church and spending the afternoon with friends. What I didn’t plan were the moments in between.

Before we entered church today (through a totally different entrance than we have ever used before), I met a new friend. She has 2 children and was asking about Sunday School. It was extremely hot, we were sweating and my 4 year old was anxious to get inside. Instead of rushing through the formalities of telling her how great I think it is, I took the moment to really get to know my new friend. We spent about 10 minutes talking outside of church (good thing we were early – again, something that NEVER happens). Not only did I ask her for a hug when we were done talking, but I also asked her to exchange contact information so that we could meet up again and perhaps get our children to meet one day before church. Apparently sweating profusely doesn’t turn her off because we did exchange info.

After church we went to meet our friends at Pullen Park. These are the friends that have the 6 week and 2 day old infant that I keep talking about. New dad took the boys and went on treasure hunts. Awesome! It gave me and new mom time to catch up which led to another moment in between. She was sharing about a restaurant in Durham with great food and great beer which obviously led to, hey I wish it was closer, to, hey wanna go? The answer of course was a resounding YES. We agreed on a sports bar in Raleigh closer to where we were. It was perfect timing. 1 year old slept (and transitioned well into his stroller) while we drank our beer and ate our guacamole and fries. This in between moment led to my final new friend hug of the day.

Our waitress was chatting with a friend at the bar as we were on our way out. I interrupted her to thank her and ask for a hug. I thought it might not be well received if she was embarrassed in front of her friend. I was pleasantly surprised at her and her friends reactions. They were almost non reactions. Almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world for a customer to want to hug their waitress. Amazing. I hope this is a reaction I begin to get more of.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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