Day 62 – 2 Month Anniversary

12 HUGS, 6 children, 6 adults (6 neighborhood friends)

Around 4:30 I was beginning to realize my plans for today hadn’t panned out. At that point, I had the pleasure of hugging a good neighborhood friend and her 2 children that came over for a play date, but it appeared that was going to be the extent of my hugs for the day. I was frantically thinking about what I could write about tonight. Surprise, surprise….once again for the 62 time the universe provided.

Not only at 6pm did we have an impromptu neighborhood gathering (4 more hugs!), but there was still one last hugging moment waiting for me. My husband has not been around at night to help me put the kids to bed and as many of you parents know, it can sometimes be pretty treacherous. Well, it has been that way for the last 4 nights. Feeling like a bad mom, I yelled my way through the bedtime routine. I admit, even though I only have 2, I get a little overwhelmed. (you moms with more than 2, HOW do you do it?) Anyway, I took a quick break from the routine to check my email and this is what I received:

Hey there,

My son was trying to track you down earlier before he left for vacation bible school. His teacher is doing a kindness study with the kids. Their homework focuses around being kind to others. Every day he has to choose 3 things to do. One of them is give people in your family hugs and tell them why you are hugging them. He said he wants to go find that hugging lady  in the neighborhood cause he wants to tell his friends he hugged the lady who is giving out free hugs for a year and writing about it.

Yeah, ok, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I had literally been crying when I opened the computer and just the mention of a hug eased my heart. At almost 9pm I got my most important hug of the day. Happy 2 month anniversary to me.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 62 – 2 Month Anniversary

    • Thank you so much. I am already following you on google connect. I am still so new to all this, I am not even sure how else to follow you! Let me know if you have other links. Thanks!

  1. Hi Melinda,

    I am the teacher you were referring to in your latest blog entry. I am so proud of HC for seeking you out and really embracing the whole kindness project. It literally brings tears to my eyes. I love your idea…I hope it spreads like wildfire!!

    Dana Cooke

    • Hi Teacher Dana! Thank you for doing this kindness project. I loved the idea when I heard it. I hope kindness, joy and positivity and hugs all start spreading like wildfire soon.

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