Day 67 – Expect the Unexpected

17 HUGS, 3 children, 13 adults (1 husband, 3 new friends, 1 Office Depot employee, 2 The Little Gym employees, 6 neighborhood friends)

This morning I signed up for a birdwatching class for myself and my 4 year old. He’s really into birding and this would be our first formal class. Well, the teacher didn’t show. Instead of getting upset over a failed expectation of the morning, I took it as an opportunity to make a new friend. There was one other person there waiting for the class. When the teacher didn’t show, we began to walk the birding path and try to figure things out for ourselves. Lucky for me, she knew more about birding than I did so she shared some great information. I would love to say that I learned a whole lot more, but I was having so much fun talking to her and getting to know her that I am afraid I kept sidetracking us from watching birds. 4 year old didn’t seem to mind, he was off on his own adventure. I do hope that I get the opportunity to take a similar class again in the near future, but in the meantime, thank you teacher for not showing. I think I preferred the unexpected change of events. (Yes, I did hug her!)

This afternoon we were invited to a birthday party at The Little Gym. What a fantastic time! (yes, that is my 15 month old gorging on cake, chips and juice) Sure, the kids had fun, but for me, it was like a hugging jackpot. I need to pick up the knitting counter so that I can keep track of my number of hugs throughout the day, but I keep forgetting!  I need that soon! My memory can’t keep up with these numbers….and I LOVE it!

In between the non birding class and the party, I stopped at Office Depot for some ink. (random, I know) The employee that assisted me was a young man. He seemed bored and just went through the motions of ringing up my purchase. When he was done, I asked him for a hug. Oh, what a sweet boy. He got the biggest smile on his face as he leaned in for his hug. It was one of those smiles that says, “you just made my day and this will keep me going through the rest of my shift!” I hope it stays with him longer than that.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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