Day 73 – Unknown Impact

10 HUGS, 4 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends, 2 Raleigh Rescue Mission workers)

There are a handful of people who share with me how my hugs are impacting them (I love it, thank you!!). This is such a small percentage of the people being hugged by me or reading my blog. I can’t possibly know the impact I am having on the others. All I can share here is the impact as it is experienced and perceived by me. Sometimes I am very wrong. When I am it is a good reminder to just be true to myself, give all the love I have to others and hope that the impact that is received is a positive one.

A recent reminder actually came in the words of a young boy. He is a good friend of my 4 year old. His mother gently let me know that he didn’t want to visit me because he didn’t want hugs anymore. I was so surprised! I would chase after him to give him a hug, but I thought he loved it because he always laughed. Apparently not. He told her that I actually hurt him with my hugs. (Oh My Goodness! I feel terrible!) She asked him if I hugged softer would he like it better? He said he would, so the next time I saw him I asked if I could give him a gentle hug. He smiled and quickly walked toward me (instead of running from me the way he had been). After we hugged he said, “well, you could hug me harder than that.” Ha! Kids.

Another incident happened today. I delivered 4 boxes of baby clothes to the Raleigh Rescue Mission. The workers came out to my truck to grab the boxes for me as my children were asleep in the truck. I offered both of the workers a hug. The young girl was very appreciative. The man looked like he wanted to roll his eyes, but he hugged me anyway. Instantly I wanted to take offense, instead I remembered that I can’t possibly know what he was thinking or feeling. He very well may have been occupied thinking about something pressing in his own life. I am not meant to know whether my hug made a positive or negative impact on him. All I can do is continue to hug with all of the love I can muster and know that I am making a positive impact every day just maybe not on everyone.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 73 – Unknown Impact

  1. Your patience and capacity for love is amazing. I read each post everyday without fail. I may not comment, but I read it daily. Just thought you should know. I’m sure many others are there like me.

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