Day 75 – Inspiration Hugs

23 HUGS, 5 children, 18 adults (1 husband, 3 new church friends, 1 Reverend, 2 Sunday school leaders, 1 Kroger employee, 5 neighborhood friends, 5 book club friends)

I have always been anxious to introduce myself to the Reverend at my church because although he is incredibly personable during the sermons, I still worry about what he would think of some random girl coming up and asking for a hug. Today I felt a strong urge to meet (and hug) him. I don’t know if it was because his sermon was especially inspirational today or if it was because he is going on a 2 month sabbatical. Or, maybe it was just the right time.

Today one of the things he discussed was doing what you love. He learned that by doing what you love, you naturally draw others in to your interest. Not only that, but you attract others that share that common interest. 2 1/2 years ago he decided to build a boat and build a boat he did! I admired this so much. I think the idea resonated with me for a few reasons. One, I actually see what he was talking about with my blog. Not only have I drawn others in to begin their own hugging stories, I find myself meeting so many other people with similar goals as mine. Second, seeing his boat live and in person (yes, he brought it in to the church!), I realized that anything is possible. Building a boat is something that in the past I may have thought, oh, what a great idea, but not realistic. Now, here was that unrealistic thing staring me in the face! Instead of thinking about all the things I may want to do in my life, today I found myself saying, “Let me start right now.”

So, facing the fear of introducing myself, I marched right up to him and gave him a hug. (and asked permission to use a picture of his boat in my blog) He didn’t say much and I actually thought maybe I somehow overstepped my bounds or said something wrong. I worried about this on the way to my car until a couple stopped me and asked about my blog because they overheard me discussing it with the Reverend. I explained what it is and they let me know that they could tell the Reverend was touched by me. I can’t even begin to explain how much it meant to hear that. It allayed all of my fears and after that I was ready to conquer the world (peacefully, of course). Perhaps next time I will be ready to conquer the world without needing confidence through the words of someone else. Perhaps next time I will be ready to do it on my own.

Oh, and did I mention….I hugged a LOT of people today! YEAH!!!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



4 thoughts on “Day 75 – Inspiration Hugs

  1. You go girl! I’m hugging you right back … and dancing at the same time!
    Your BFF,
    Ro šŸ™‚
    ps … do you have a button? I’d love to add it to my BFF page on my site! You definitely qualify!! TONS of hugs!!

    • Agghhh….I don’t know how to do a button! I have tried, but I keep wondering if it is either or the theme I am using? Don’t suppose you have any ideas?

  2. us Rev.’s are just normal every day people who get the gift of serving the church…..we need hugs just like everybody else…I’m sure you made his day.

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