Day 77 – Natural Hugs

10 HUGS, 4 children, 1 2-month old, 5 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood, 1 Macy’s employee, 2 longtime friends)

Today I got 2 blissful hours of peace and quiet! A neighborhood friend brought my 4 year old to the $1 summer matinee of Megamind while my 16 month old napped. I took the opportunity to just be. I didn’t do chores, I didn’t pay bills or anything else that would have required thought. I simply read, surfed the internet a little and took a gloriously long shower. When I finally picked my son up, I hugged my friend tight in a thank you so much you have helped me be able to feel like a human being again and not just a mom type hug. Ahhhhh……..

Later in the day my longtime friend and I were at Macy‘s in the shoe department when the employee came over to offer assistance. We proceeded to talk and joke with her (she thought my shoe issues were crazy which, they are…) As we turned to leave, I asked for a hug which she joyfully gave. As we were walking out of the store my girlfriend turned to me and proclaimed, “You just gave a hug. The way that you did it was so natural that it didn’t even hit me until now that you just asked a stranger for a hug.” She knows that I do this everyday but proceeded to comment on how people are probably so receptive because it has become second nature to me. It is no longer awkward or embarrassing. I do it because I love to and I was thrilled to hear that it shows.

This evening we had dinner with her family. My 16 month old proceeded to remove all of the contents of my purse. In doing so, he handed my girlfriend’s husband one of my stickers which he proudly affixed to his shirt. We then contemplated how I should distribute these. I don’t want to cheapen the moment of my hugs with self promotion. The general consensus was to slap it on people’s backs during the hug to be found at a later time. I don’t know, sounds a little too much like those Kick Me signs. I can’t do that to my friends. Can I?

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 77 – Natural Hugs

  1. I wish I could get as natural as you are in hugging. I’m still very awkward. Guess I have to practice!
    About the stickers, I don’t like the back idea, but maybe you could hug them and then ask if they want to wear the sticker? I don’t think self-promotion is a bad thing in your case as you’re spreading love.

    • Thank you Shabana, it took me over 2 months to get this comfortable. Practice makes perfect. 🙂
      I wouldn’t really do that back idea, I will find something to do with the stickers eventually. I know it. Hugs to you and your new kitten!

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