Day 81 – Misunderstood

12 HUGS, 5 children, 7 adults (1 husband, 4 people holding tag sales, 1 person browsing a tag sale, 1 Kroger employee)

Sorry to anyone that noticed my mistake. I am attempting to blog from my new iPad! YEAH! (on my new chair from a tag sale!)

20110702-083930.jpg I don’t really understand how to add a photo without publishing the whole blog yet. hmmmm…gonna have to work on that one. In the meantime, please enjoy my attempts at a new toy.

At Kroger today, I was enjoying a little banter with one of the stockers. I actually debated whether or not to give him a hug. Looking back now I can’t believe I almost didn’t hug him. We were joking about being in each other’s way when I looked at him and said, “now I will really be in your way, may I have a hug?” He looked at me with a huge smile on his face and said, “of course!” I was still in close proximity to him when I heard about 30 seconds later, “you know? You really made my day.” And he, mine.

Of course, I relay this story to my husband who starts laughing before I finished. How Rude! What could possibly be so funny? Oh, right…if you heard stalker, not stocker, I suppose I can understand. No, I don’t make it a habit of hugging my stalkers. Funny guy.

Last share for today, I hugged the people that I purchased my new chairs from at a tag sale. The wife’s response? “I really hated to part with those chairs, but if they had to go to someone, I am glad it was you.” Awww…. Thank you.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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