Day 86 – Almost Hugs

10 HUGS, 5 children, 4 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends, 1 coworker of my husband)

One of my husband’s coworker’s wife (got that?) recently had surgery so we volunteered to make their family dinner. When I delivered the food, the coworker was waiting for me outside (because I had already called after getting lost). I handed the food to him and gave him a hug. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to meet his wife, but I was very proud of myself for the changes I have made in my life. The old me would have probed and pried into their lives. I most likely wouldn’t stop until I knew what the surgery was for, how long she was bed ridden for (if at all), how it was affecting their lives, etc. None of this is my business. I wanted to do something nice for them no strings attached. I like this new side of me. They got to enjoy a lovely dinner of a Slow Cooked Onion Pork Roast and Risotto with Carrots. And, on the way home after dropping it off, I pulled through Wendy’s for my own family. Sorry family.

At Wendy’s, I was so excited. I had my You’ve Been Hugged stickers with me and thought I would let the drive through employee know that because I couldn’t hug them physically, I wanted to give them a sticker. It was perfect. I had the blog post written in my head in anticipation of this interaction that was about to take place. I paid for my meal, got my sticker out while he was getting my food, turned around and…..there was a different employee handing me my food. Hmm, that is not the way I saw this going down. I was so flustered by this turn of events that I took my food, placed the sticker back in my wallet and left. Drat. I was foiled by the fast food employees. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


One thought on “Day 86 – Almost Hugs

  1. You crack me up! How dare the Wendy’s employees pull a switcheroo on the Mistress of Hugs?! I always get flustered when I’m going through the drive-thru, so I can totally relate! It was so thoughtful of you to cook for someone in a time of need (especially with no strings attached). 😉 A virtual hug to you. Have a great weekend!

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