Day 89 – Joyful Sunday

9 HUGS, 2 children, 1 10-week old, 4 adults (1 husband, 1 Apple Store employee, 1 Kroger employee, 1 long time friend)

I was privileged to spend the evening last night with a friend. Just her, her 10 week old and me. No husbands, no other children, just us. What a blessing it is to have that opportunity. We talked for hours, ate tons of delicious foods, drank wine and just reveled in the friendship that will always stand the test of time. We hugged often and openly shared our love for each other. If only it could always be this easy. But, if it was, would it be quite so special?

We had to do a little retail therapy today, so she went with me to buy a cover for my iPad and I went with her to pick up a few groceries. It is great having someone with me when I hug because they can often inform me of expressions I am not able to witness or hear. At the Apple store, after I made my purchase, I asked the employee for a hug. Her smile was huge and she grabbed me in a big bear hug. I LOVE those kind! Walking away, my girlfriend let me know that she never stopped smiling and the intensity of the smile never wavered.

At Kroger, I needed assistance with an olive container. An employee nearby offered to get me one. He did not appear to be in a very good mood. He was nice enough, but never smiled. After he handed me the container, I asked him for a hug. He gave me one of the reluctant looks and kind of pulled away from me. I opened my arms to show him I was sincere and all I had to offer was love. He came toward me and let me hug him. I wished him a good day and by the time I walked away I swear I saw the beginnings of a smile.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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