Day 91 – Not A Hippie

6 HUGS, 3 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends)

I fought long and hard against anyone who classified me as either a hippie (definition in Urban Dictionary) or granola (Urban Dictionary). I mean, I don’t walk around wearing only tye-dye and long flowy dresses. I can’t afford to buy only local fair-trade goods (although I would like to). I totally shave my legs (most of the time).

But I must confess. I totally buy into the love and peace. If you find me anywhere in or around my home both my children and I WILL be barefoot. I adore Whole Foods and their huge assortment of grains. My 16 month old totally drinks HEMP milk (yes, that hemp and no, he won’t get high).

Perhaps I need to just accept that I fall somewhere in between these two categories. It’s really not a bad place to be. I was just coming to that place of acceptance when on my way to therapy yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite rock stations, 96 Rock. I had to laugh at one of their tag lines that played in between songs, “It’s like a friendship only without the icky hugs.” LOL Ok, so maybe I am not all peace and love. Every girl needs a little rock and roll in her life now and then.

Please accept this as my virtual hug to you.

3 thoughts on “Day 91 – Not A Hippie

  1. i would be barefoot in the house all the time as well..but there is dog hair in the the dog hair haven abode that will get on my feet..and I do have some ocd…
    hippie or no hippie,
    free love or hugs………………you are totally cool in my book….
    warning: I do own about six of big daddy’s old red tye dyed read and white YMCA camp t-shirts..they are now too big but I wear them all the time to the gym….nothing like a big girl in read tye dye and tight “biker shorts” as big daddy calls my work out pants…\
    Have a great week..and go ahead…go ahead and be a full fledged free are well on your way!

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