Day 93 – Inspired Hugs

9 HUGS, 6 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends)

Today, I spent most of the day with a neighborhood friend and 6 children (7 at one point). Needless to say, I didn’t get out much for hugs, but fortunately, all of the kids know to hug me. I love kid hugs. I am often surprised by how much they get out of them as well. They pretend one day to not care and then the next, they are smothering me. I love it.

I have been reading a few blog sites that truly inspire me and I would like to dedicate my hugs to them today. One is The Silver Kick Diaries (and no, it is not just because we have become friends). Her posts are beautiful, funny and most importantly have kick started my desire to be more fashionable again. When did I get so blah? I used to love color and pattern and SHOES. Over the weekend with a little encouragement from another friend, I bought myself a beautiful pair of silver shoes and an orange purse, that’s right, orange. I love it. (apparently my phrase of the day) If you need fashion inspiration, please make your way to her site, you will find it there.

Another site that keeps me inspired daily is Mommy Mind Spa. Her daily Mom-ME moments are reminders that we all (whether you are a mom or not) need to be taking care of ourselves on a regular basis. She comes up with cute ideas to do just that. They are simple ideas, but ones that we forget to take advantage of. Every day I try to come up with something as my Mom-Me moment. They are not always the same as hers, but the point is I am taking the time for myself. Today, her moment is to read a magazine. Well, mine didn’t come in the mail as I hoped, so instead I am writing this while drinking a gin and tonic. That is a Mom-Me moment for sure.

These to me are just more examples of how important girlfriends are in my life. Regardless of whether I have met them in person or not, I cherish them all. (Especially the 2 most important girlfriends in my life, my sisters. I would be lost without them.)

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 93 – Inspired Hugs

  1. I love your MOM-ME moment! Sounds delicious. You girls are very blessed to be such great girlfriends as well as sisters. I don’t think it can be any better than that combination. My MOM-ME moments each day are looking forward to reading you blog. I love each and everyone. I LOVE YOU! {{{{HUGS}}}}

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