Day 99 – Slaying Demons

4 HUGS, 3 children, 1 husband (I anticipate more neighborhood friend hugs later, but this post could wait no longer to get out)

Shortly after beginning this blog my husband asked me, “Are you doing this for others or are you doing it for you?”

When I started, it was absolutely for others. I wanted to spread light in the world. I wanted to add positivity and joy in a world where we often thrive on misery. Others are way ahead of me in this field, but I knew I could make a difference too. I had been on a spiritual journey and am on my way to finding the light within myself and what better way to celebrate that than through hugs?

Hugging every day for a year? I knew I would have difficult moments. I knew some days would be easier than others. I should have anticipated being shaken beyond my core, but I didn’t. I should have recognized the intensity of this journey when my husband asked if I was doing this for others or for myself, but I didn’t.

Here I am, one day away from 100. I am in the midst of slaying demons that have rocked my world. (I was aware of them when I chose this journey) These demons do not make me different, they do not make me special. They makes me human. We all have demons to face throughout our lives. The difference is how we decide to let them affect our lives. I am tired of allowing them to take over my life and making me want to bury myself beneath the covers. I am tired of hiding behind my fears and using them as excuses not to live my life. The past few days have been especially difficult and the next few won’t be any easier.

Am I hugging to bring joy and happiness to others? Absolutely. Am I doing it for myself to prove that I do not have to let my demons run my life? Most definitely. There was a reason I chose this journey at this moment in my life. I committed to 365 days of hugs. 365 days of joy. 365 days of happiness. Come what may I accept this commitment and will challenge my demons all while making the world a better place. Day 100? Bring it on, I have some hugging to do!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 99 – Slaying Demons

  1. very interesting….I have found the same for me in on my blog……something is happening and suddenly I feel more me than ever. I sense that in your own blog. I love it when you let us in just a bit more…..this snippet has made me curious about your demons……and makes me take a look at my own fire breathing dragons. Thanks for this today.

  2. The past few days have been hard on me too and I can so relate to what you’re saying. It’s us brave ones who at least DECIDE to do something about our demons. Big hig to you for being so brave and spreading light whilst slaying your demons. You are a superhero!

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