Day 100 – 1000 Hugs!

23 HUGS, 9 children, 1 3-month old, 11 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends, 1 childhood friend, 5 new friends (strangers) at the Cary Towne Center, 1 Macy’s employee, 1 waiter at Macaroni Grill) *to my new followers – if I hug someone other than my family more than once, it counts as more than one hug*

What a difference a day makes. I have officially been hugging every day for 100 days! Which got me thinking, how many hugs have I gotten? I have had people ask before, but never bothered to keep track. When I had a few minutes to myself, I decided to add them up. As of this morning I had 977 hugs. Oh My Goodness! That is an average of almost 10 hugs a day! Granted, 3 are always from my family, but that means that 7 are not. YES! Only 23 to get to 1000, could I do it in a day? C’mon, 1000 hugs on day 100? Did I really have a choice, that is just too perfect.

I am so glad I did commit to getting my 1000th hug today. There was an abundance of people that I had opportunity to hug. This included a beautiful, sweet family who was curious about my journey. I shared with them my blog and gave them some of my stickers (Hi Family!). The person that I was most moved by though was the Macy’s employee. I almost passed him by without a hug as I was on my way to meeting hubby for dinner. Something made me pause. I turned to him, told him that I blog about hugging and asked him for one. Before I even finished my question, his arms were opened to me. After hugging me he let me know that was his first hug of the day. (This was at 6:30 in the evening.) This always gives me such mixed emotions. I was happy that I could enrich his day with a hug, but my heart hurt that he went so many hours without one.

I could have continued hugging there at the mall, but I promised hubby that I would wait for him to be around for my 1000th hug. He wanted to take the picture. So, here you go…the lucky hugger was Matt, our waiter at Macaroni Grill during our celebratory 100 day/1000 hug dinner. (with a celebratory drink of course!) Here’s to infinite more days of infinite more hugs.Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


10 thoughts on “Day 100 – 1000 Hugs!

  1. All of those endearing, uplifting, selfless, validating, tender, sporadic and magnanimous hugs still don’t stack up to you, Melinda. Keep on keepin’ on. I love you.

      • Thank you for taking my comment in the overall manner in which it was intended. I didn’t mean to use the word sporadic. Quite to the contrary, your consistent reliability is proven out with each new daily entry. I meant to say spontaneous. Please forgive me. Love, Gary.

      • Oh Gary. I thought you just meant that there was no pattern to the people I hug. The people I choose to hug is pretty sporadic. But, yeah, I like spontaneous. 🙂

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