Day 106 – Planting Hugs

10 HUGS, 3 children, 7 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood friend, 1 UPS driver (Bud), 1 Smith’s Nursery employee, 1 man asking for money, 2 Gamestop employees)


Ok, so my site is totally not sponsored. I just needed to clarify that first. That being said, I had sooooo much fun playing with Photovine today! One of my Tweeps(?) tweeted it and something called me to check it out. I am so glad I did. The premise is to “plant a vine” through the use of pictures. Immediately I knew I needed to plant a hug vine. The app has not yet been released, so I requested an invite. Their response to me? “shoot me your email address (an some friend!) to get on the VIP list. Can’t wait for the Hugging vine!” Did you see that? They can’t wait for my hugging vine! Well, they didn’t have to wait long. I started the vine with these two pictures on the left.


I already have 3 messages about my hug vine including one from Jeb letting me know that the vine makes him want to go out and do more hugging. Yes! Mission accomplished! I can’t wait to see where the vine leads.

In over 100 degree heat I learned that Bud (my UPS driver) does not have a/c in his truck. What?! I gave him a hug even though he was dripping in sweat. (who cares about a little sweat, I am giving LOVE here, jeez) It got me thinking about ways that I can do more for him besides my hugs. So, I purchased a LARGE bottle of water that is sitting in my freezer as we speak. I can’t wait to give it to him tomorrow on a day promising to be even hotter than today.

Sometimes I do realize that I need to be careful with my hugs, but I do rely heavily on my intuition for everything in my life and I expect it won’t steer me wrong when it comes to hugs. A gentleman came up to me today to ask for $2.67 (very precise). Yes, he was a gentleman. He excused himself for interrupting me in a parking lot and asked very politely. That, to me, constitutes a gentleman. Well, I let him know that I generally do not carry cash on me, but I do give hugs. He happily accepted one saying he could use hugs daily. That is one sentiment I can certainly relate to. I find it interesting that moments later I asked 2 employees in Gamestop for hugs. We had been very friendly, joking about my need for a new Wii console and I anticipated them welcoming my hugs. Instead, I got awkward, kind of stand offish hugs. Hmmm…guess I never will be able to figure people out. I suppose I will just have to keep hugging everyone because I never know who is going to want it or need it most.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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