Day 107 – International Phenomenon

7 HUGS, 3 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 1 UPS driver, 1 neighborhood friend)

Yeah! I was able to offer Bud (my UPS driver) that frozen bottle of water. I bought it for him yesterday knowing that I would be receiving a package again today. It has been almost, if not over, 100 degrees around here and he does not have air conditioning! I am happy to give him hugs even with all of that sweat, but I wanted to do more for him today. That is what all of this hugging has done to me. All of a sudden, it is just not enough. I want to do more, for everyone. It’s like a contagious, wonderful sickness and I don’t want to be cured. (yup, totally rocked that cliche)

If you follow me on facebook or Twitter, you already know this most exciting news I am about to share. For those of you that don’t, one of my blogging friends shared a link with me. It is for The Adventures of Cinderita and guess what? She is a blogger in Canada that is hugging for a year! I went to her facebook page and was so excited to find someone sharing this same journey as me, I contacted her immediately. Within an hour we had exchanged 5 emails along with some facebook posts. I love the way she is taking pictures of all her hugs along with a sign of which day she is on. She is halfway through and has been followed by news cameras on a couple of occasions. (they can be found on her website and facebook page) I loved listening to her talk because I felt as though I was listening to my own words. She has inspired me to want to do so much more than I am already doing. I have got to step up my game! Thank you, Rita for being the loving beautiful soul that you are. Happy hugging to both of us!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 107 – International Phenomenon

  1. Wow. It’s my pleasure to do whatever I did for you. I love that you call yourself the Hugging Girl. I interviewed last Tuesday with my very favorite Canadian musical Icon for a talk show on National radio about my project and she dubbed me “hugger girl”. I also love your level of enthusiasm for MY project as it will surely add to yours and vice versa. Tonight I went to Jazzercise and hugged 62 people! that’s crazy! And my very personal best. You inspired me today as well so thank you for that. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I want to say more but I do need to get to bed. Thank you for linking to all of my information. I shall do something similar next week for you. I hope you’ll keep sharing with me via email and here so I can stay inspired by you. I am just as happy to find you as you have been to find me. Thank you for who you are and what you’re doing! xo

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