Day 115 – More On Yesterday

70+ HUGS 4 children, 30+ adults (1 Mom, 1 Stepdad, 1 Grandpa, 1 Bride, 1 Groom, 27+ wedding guests)

More about yesterday, I have added 20+ more hugs to yesterday’s total because of the wedding rehearsal dinner I went to. Most of the hugs were from very good friends, but some were from people I had never met before. I love being in an environment where hugs are completely socially acceptable. I didn’t have to ask permission for the hugs, people are just receptive to them on such jovial occasions. It helps too that at weddings, there is a common bond. Everyone knows at least one of the people getting married, so there is a temporary bonding that happens between everyone invited. More so at the rehearsal dinners because these are the exclusives….ooooo…I was an exclusive. Ok, maybe overly dramatic, but there is truth in it. Everyone in the room knows that each other has a special bond to the couple getting married. This creates such a feeling of love and warmth between strangers that is typically not found. Yeah, yeah, I know I am rambling about this. But weddings truly are an exciting time and I can’t wait for the ceremony and reception tonight. Wonder how many hugs I will get? Wonder if I will be able to keep count? Whee, what an exciting thought.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 115 – More On Yesterday

  1. I am wondering if you kept track, I can’t imagine that you were able to. What an amazing evening it was for all of us. Look forward to you getting a hug from my girls. Jozie asks for hugs on a regular basis now so I am hoping she will ask you, the hug lady.

    • I just updated it. I thought about bringing a knitting counter to keep track, but I just wanted to let loose and enjoy myself without having to worry about it, so I just estimated. That was soooooooo much fun. I want him to get married every year and get us all together like that. With that same DJ of course. 🙂
      I can’t wait to hug your girls! I will call you tomorrow or Monday to work out the details!

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