Day 117 – Boston, Delta, Alpacas and a Rubber Chicken

6 HUGS, 2 children, 4 adults (1 husband, 1 mother-in-law, 2 men at Logan airport)

I intrigued you with my title didn’t I? Today was interesting to say the least! I was up bright and early just outside of Boston to bring hubby to the airport. (He’s heading home while we enjoy another week of vacation.) Just before leaving my mother-in-law asked if we checked the flight. Well, no, of course not. We never do. (this matters in a minute) On our way to the airport we passed an suv with a sticker on the side that said, Acorn Alpaca Ranch,(picture of Alpaca), Hebeler’s Huggables. It was too cute and I wanted to take a picture, but didn’t have my camera. Oh well, maybe next time. Well, that next time came sooner than I thought. Guess who pulled in behind us at the airport? I ran out of the car to let them know the coincidence of them pulling up behind me and offered them hugs. They let me know they had a website and let me tell you, those Alpacas sure do look huggable. Perhaps I will need to make time for Alpaca hugs on this vacation.

So, I run back to the truck to help hubby with his luggage when he offers me is iPhone. I kept declining it telling him I no longer needed a picture of the Alpaca huggables sign. He continued to show it to me until the message clicked, oh man….something is up with the flight. It’s cancelled. What? It was raining, but when has that ever CANCELLED a flight? Apparently Delta felt it was warranted. He was set up on a flight for later in the evening. So, as we were leaving the airport I reminded him that things always happen for a reason. I was meant to hug those Alpaca people. Yeah, he didn’t like that one bit. The rubber chicken? Well, when things don’t go our way hubby and I always try to make light of the situations. Life did that for us today. About 5 minutes from his mom’s house, a rubber chicken was just hanging out in the middle of the road. One look at each other was all that was needed for the laughter to start. 1 hour detour to a non existent flight, Alpaca hugs and a rubber chicken make for one amusing and memorable morning. And this was all before 9:30. 

In case you were wondering, he never made it out. The flight was delayed a few times and finally cancelled altogether. Perhaps we will have better luck tomorrow? (fingers crossed) 

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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