Day 120 – An Attempt To Describe

13 HUGS, 4 children, 8 adults (1 mother-in-law, 1 Macy’s employee, 2 good friends, 2 stepbrothers, 1 stepmom, 1 dad)

I was at Macy’s today telling the woman behind the counter how excited I was about the new clothes I just picked out. They were fun and flirty and I have only recently been buying stuff like that because of having kids. Well, as I was leaving I asked her for a hug. I thought I noticed a slight hesitation, but maybe not. Anyway, she hugged me and afterward told me how nice she thought that was. Again, I may not be certain, but I think there may have been tears filling up her eyes. I just never know how a hug is going to affect someone.

There are no words that I could use that would do justice to the look that passes over people’s faces when I ask for a hug. Most of the time I don’t even try. I give you glimpses into my world, but I promise you it is not even the half of it. How can you ever possibly describe that moment when people stop focusing on their future selves and get snapped back into living for the moment? It is a physical transformation that not only appears in their faces, but throughout their whole body. Muscles relax, shoulders drop and peace passes, if only fleetingly, through every fiber of their being. And yet, this still does not capture it. I hope most of you will have or had the opportunity to witness this.

That leads me to my Dad. Yeah! I got to see him tonight for the first time since being in my hometown. I mentioned my blog again to him for only the second time. (he has extremely limited access to a computer.) Once again, his first response was trying to figure out why this hugging thing was such a big deal. He made sure to remind me of the many people he still hugs on a regular basis. Yes, I am well aware, Dad. Where do you think a large part of my inspiration came from? Thank you.

I would like to say a quick thank you to my wonderful friends who fed me and my family tonight. It is always a blessing to be around another family of huggers!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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