Day 124 – Focus On The Positive

5 HUGS, 2 children, 3 adults (1 Mom, 1 Stepdad, 1 Hilton employee)

I will focus on the positive, I will focus on the positive. That has been my mantra today during a very trying road trip. My very peaceful adventurous 6 hour trip with the boys turned into a 9 1/2 hour challenge (translate: nightmare). After being caught in traffic for an hour, I decided to stop and get lunch. Traffic was at such a standstill that everyone was thinking along the same lines. It took me 1/2 hour to park. I carried my toddler while pleading with my 4 year old to hang on to me while walking across the entire parking lot in the rain (with no umbrella). Everyone was frustrated and angry and it showed. All of those kind thoughts I was having about the human race were quickly dissolving. I will focus on the positive….a few people saw me struggling between keeping both kids attached to me and juggling our tray of food and took pity. One gladly helped get me forks when I clearly couldn’t have managed it on my own. Then, as I was asking back to my car, an incredibly generous, sweet girl offered me her umbrella (it was raining harder now). She was in her car, but if she hadn’t been, she would have gotten the biggest hug! I thanked her, but let her know that I was close enough to my car to not need it. My faith in humankind was becoming redeemed. The next 1 1/2-2 hours were spent just trying to get out of the rest area. Needless to say, I am not proud of the way I was driving and clearly cut someone off when it appeared I wasn’t going to be let out, but hey, I needed OUT!

I was looking forward to the hotel I would be staying in this evening and kept talking with the boys about all the swimming we would do. (I paid extra for a hotel with an indoor pool.) We arrived at the hotel close to 8pm (I was on the road at 10:30). There was a notice that the pool would be closed for repairs starting tomorrow. That scared me. I confirmed with the front desk attendant that the pool was open tonight. She confirmed it, but verified her answer with another employee who proceeded to let us know that it had been drained an hour before we arrived. Well, when I am tired I get emotional so I cried. Yup, that’s right, full on tears. The poor girl behind the counter looked mortified. I got the keys to my room and went upstairs. Fortunately, my kids weren’t fazed. That helped to ground me and remember to focus on the positive. Ok. I will get the boys a light dinner from the sundry shop, grab a beer (or 2) for myself and treat myself to some room service. I called to order my dinner and surprise, surprise, they closed early due to lack of customers. Ok, now it is just laughable. When I went downstairs for the boys snacks (and my beers) the front desk employee offered us free breakfast because she felt so bad. I thanked her, then hugged her. I appreciated her sunny smile and her attempts at making things right. So, here I am polishing off beer #1, kids are watching a movie and I am focusing on the positive. I am grateful for my kids, my husband (who I miss dearly), my family, my friends, my life. I am grateful just to live in this country where I can have the freedom and luxury to have the problems that I have just described today.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


5 thoughts on “Day 124 – Focus On The Positive

  1. Hey, after every bad day comes a glad day. I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant day tomorrow. You’re one tough woman for not losing your temper and focussing on the positive though!

    • Ha Ha! I never said I didn’t lose my temper, I just can’t post that on my blog….lol Again, your hug came at a perfect time, so THANK YOU!! {{{HUG}}}

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