Day 126 – Growing Up Hugs

7 HUGS, 2 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 1 Southwestern Advantage Intern, 2 The Little Gym employees, 1 neighborhood friend)

My babydoll is growing up. (yes, that is my nickname for him) It makes me so proud and so sad all at the same time. And, it is not just in years that he is growing up. It is in confidence, knowledge and experience. This was all too apparent today. First, we received our books from Southwestern Advantage. The intern returned to our house with the books she sold to us earlier this summer. The first time she was here, I hugged her and gave her a sticker. This time, I just hugged her as soon as I saw her. She spent quite a bit of time with us reviewing once again all the benefits of the books I purchased and the website that is offered. It made me long for the days when door to door sales was just the way of life and I can only imagine the relationships it may have created back then. You know, before greed and the need to make the most money in the most efficient way became popular. I bet there was a lot of hugging or at least getting to know sales people personally back then. Sigh….to be a part of simpler times…

Ok, I got off the topic of my son. Anyway, I brought him to his first karate/tumbling class at The Little Gym today. What a proud moment that was. He didn’t hesitate trying anything out and a few times took the lead! What happened to my shy little boy that was afraid to try everything? I was so moved I started to tear up. Luckily, one of the employees understood and offered me her box of tissues. Needless to say, this small group of kids taking their first ever karate class created an intimacy between those of us watching them. It was so special to watch each one learn and grow in their own unique ways. I gratefully hugged the 2 employees that created such a safe and fun environment for my son.  I look forward to the upcoming weeks when I get to know the parents more. Perhaps the transition to hugs will be seamless simply from the bond that will be created watching our children grow. I guess I will find out over the course of our Tuesday gatherings. *insert excited face* I love the potential for hugs almost as much as the hugs themselves.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 126 – Growing Up Hugs

  1. I so remember those days with each one of your girls. Sitting back and watching you from the first dance class on. I think I teared up each week. When it came to your recitals, though, I actually sat in the audience and cried such “PROUD” tears as I watched you grow more and more sure of yourself and how confident you became. I miss those days. {{{HUGS]]]

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