Day 128 – Shout Out For All My Birthday Hugs

7 HUGS, 5 children, 2 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood friend…but the day isn’t over yet!)

by Benjamin Miller at

So, today is my birthday and I am overwhelmed. I love social media for the contact I can have with people that I wouldn’t necessarily have kept in touch with and the people for whom I never would have (virtually) met. Today it is clear the impact my hugs have had on the virtual world. Here is a summary:

2 Twugs (?) Twitter Hugs

2 Hugs at myyearofhugs Facebook page

9 Hugs on my personal Facebook page including 1 person wishing me a hundred hugs today

These are not just birthday wishes. These are all just the hug comments. Some have come from close family, but some came from unexpected friends. It is so special to be recognized on your birthday, but to be acknowledged on a personal level with comments that tell me people either have read my blog or recognize my passion, that goes beyond words. Thank you all for every birthday wish that has been sent my way. They have all made me feel so loved.

They say it’s your birthday….da da da da na na….It’s my birthday too, yeah. 🙂

Please accept this birthday post as my virtual hug to you.


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