Hug It Forward Guest Post

Hi everyone! I am thrilled to take additional time out of my day to present my first ever guest post! I am happy to feature Hug It Forward especially at this critical time as they are nominated for a few charity awards and polls close in 3 DAYS!! I want to help them in whatever way I can to win! Here is a little about them and how you can help! Thank you!

Who is Hug It Forward?
Hug It Forward is a nonprofit organization that wants to connect the power between tangible action with intangible energy to create a better world.  We want to help communities take action.  Our biggest project is building schools made from plastic bottles.
Wait building schools?
Yes, we  build schools in Guatemala because of our passion for collaboration…hugs are just one manifestation of the intangible energy we have.  We took the hug energy to help us build a project where we can build schools.
Why do we love hugs?
Hugs are pretty universal and most people like getting hugs!  Plus it makes people feel good!  We a hug can go a long way in bringing more peace and love in the world.  Which is why we love “My Year of Hugs”  you do a great job of spreading the love. ****THANK YOU**** 🙂
How much do bottle schools cost?
Hug It Forward is 100% non-profit, which means that 100% of donation from the public are spent on bottle schools. A separate group of private donors (conscious businesses) cover the overhead so that you don’t have to. This way, we can build bottle schools for just $10-15,000. Are you interested in funding a bottle school on behalf of your family, company or organization? Please get in touch today!
What can my readers do?
If your readers want to get involved they can go hug a friend!  But actually, Hug It Forward was nominated for Best Small Charity of the Year and Best New Charity and we would love to get more votes!
Where do they vote?
They can watch a short video which has instructions  Their vote can help us get to the final round!
I wish the best of luck to Hug It Forward for either one of these well deserved awards!

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