Day 137 – Embracing Irene

3 HUGS, 2 children, 1 husband

I decided earlier in the week that my family and I would embrace Hurricane Irene. We would allow her to unfold the full fury of her wrath while we watched movies, made forts, played by candlelight and had an all out adventure. By 10am I realized things weren’t going to go according to plan. First of all, our porch door was open to the beautiful breeze that was blowing (that’s right, breeze). We are far enough inland that we got some bursts of wind and rain all day, but it was no more than a typical rainy day. Not so easy to get into the adventure of the day with a breeze and sprinkles rather than gusts and downpours. Needless to say we made it work.

I tend to struggle with days like today. While I feel disappointment at the weather that didn’t come, many others are feeling devastation at the weather that did. Irene made her wrath clear along the coast. And, it’s not over. I worry for my family and friends in the northeast. Although I am in awe and mesmerized by storms, I am fully aware of the extent of their power. Reading about those that have lost so much including loved ones in this storm causes me to reflect on how fortunate I am to have avoided mother nature at her worst numerous times this year. My thoughts and prayers today go out to those whose lives mother nature has uprooted. My hugs go out to those still in Irene’s path. I pray that you recognize the potential for her power, embrace her and stay safe.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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