Day 141 – Bucket List

16 HUGS, 6 children, 8 adults (1 husband, 3 neighborhood friends, 2 Genki employees, 1 owner at Smith’s Nursery, 1 owner’s son at Smith’s Nursery)

A good friend of mine is turning 40 soon. Sushi was on her bucket list to eat before this milestone. She knows my love of raw fish, so allowed me the opportunity to accompany and guide her through her first sushi experience. She played it a little safe by ordering a shrimp and veggie meal with her fish, but I can attest to the fact that sushi can now officially be checked off her bucket list. She liked it, but wasn’t crazy about it. As a matter

Doesn't that look amazing?

of fact, her exact words after trying it? “Um, well, I am not used to eating raw things. It feels kind of weird on my tongue. It makes me want to regurgitate a little.” Oh.My.Goodness. I was hysterical. She was so matter of fact. Oh well, at least she tried it and can now check it off her bucket list. The lunch was pretty successful for me too. 2 hugs from her and 2 from employees of the restaurant. Yes.

I was thrilled to see the owner at Smith’s Nursery today. I haven’t seen him in a few months so I was excited to give him a hug. He spent a few minutes talking with me about my blog. After asking me if he would still get a hug next year after my journey is up, (he seemed relieved when I said he would) he reiterated what his wife told me last week, that he is not usually a hugger. Once again, I am truly mystified. His smile is so warm and inviting, and he genuinely seems excited to hug me when I see him. I can’t imagine him not being a hugger. I have said it before and I will say it again, you just never know whose lives will be touched until you take the opportunity to try.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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