Day 158 – Listening To The Inner Voice

18 HUGS, 2 children, 13 adults (1 husband, 1 gas station attendant, 1 Minister at Unity Church of the Triangle, 1 Director of Transformational Studies at UCT, 8(!) new church friends)

I woke up to a dreary gray day. I decided not to attend the New Member class at church I had signed up for because my 4 year old was up with a fever all night. I was moping around the house when it was like an electric spark went through me. I needed to go to that class. (my inner voice has a zapper all of a sudden?) Hubby assured me he would call if he needed me and out the door I went.

I got ready so quickly that I even had enough time to stop for coffee. I made up my mind to go through the Dunkin Donuts drive through when that spark hit me again. I needed to stop at the gas station. (Same station that I was moved to stop at on Day 88) As I paid for the coffee I noticed that the attendant looked familiar. I asked if I had hugged him before. With a smile on his face he said yes. Hoping to get his smile just a little brighter I asked for another. I got my wish. He walked around the counter to hug me tightly and with such meaning. My hug was truly appreciated. We made a little more small talk and I went on my way feeling overjoyed at the unexpected pit stop.

There was a great turn out for the New Member class in spite of the day. I had already made the decision not to share my blog with the others. Today was a day of learning for me, not sharing. A day of listening, not talking. After lunch though, we were asked to share a little about ourselves. I was racking my brain trying to come up with something remotely interesting. I know I have stories, I just couldn’t think of even one at the time. I let others go before me and debated not sharing anything at all. Then, there comes that spark again. (come on…really…can’t I at least pretend to think I am in control of my own decisions??) I felt the urge to share my blog. We were seated around a long rectangular table and I blurted out that I was an aspiring writer. What?! When did that come about? I mean I have been thinking about how much I am enjoying writing, but an aspiring writer? That has barely crossed my mind. Huh. *shrugs shoulders* I then shared my journey with them. The response was incredible. Questions were thrown my way and experiences were shared. One new member even rose and asked me for a hug right then and there! She explained that as soon as she walked in that morning she knew she wanted or even needed to hug someone in the room. It turned out not to be me, but I helped to facilitate the hug that she felt urged to give. I received 2 more hugs before my turn ended. It was such a magical, moving experience for me I was nearly in tears.

At the end of class we formed a circle, held hands and prayed together. At the end of the prayer, the Minister and Director of Transformation Studies encouraged us to hug one another before leaving. I took a quick moment to look around the room at this large group of people who were almost complete strangers at the beginning of the day hugging each other wholeheartedly. Wow. I was moved beyond words.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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