Day 159 – Book Club Hugs

16 HUGS, 3 children, 12 adults (1 husband, 1 Minister, 1 new church friend, 7 book club friends, 1 new book club friend, 1 neighborhood friend)

I know. I know! I am trying to get this post out as fast as I can. I just had so much fun at book club, I didn’t want to leave. Now, it is quickly approaching midnight and I need to share my day.

Some days it pays to be patient. I have been a little concerned about having material for tonight’s post. I mean, I received some great hugs during the day, but I didn’t take advantage of hug opportunities at church as much as I should have.

I hope he remembers that he agreed to let me use this picture.

Then, book club happened. We are called the Purple Teeth Club for a reason. LOTS of red wine! (if you have ever drank your fair share, then you know what I am talking about) And, apparently it wasn’t just us ladies imbibing in a little wine. This was my girlfriend’s husband. He was stealthily making his way downstairs throughout the night to refill his own wine glass. As we were getting ready to leave I made sure to give him a hug to which he asked, “So this means I am in the blog, right?” Oh yeah, you are definitely in the blog tonight.

My favorite comment of the night though was from a new member of the book club. After my blog was mentioned I felt it was important to share with the her what my blog is about. She responded, “I thought it was a little odd that you hugged me even though we just met. I liked it though.” At this moment I am feeling a little elated and it’s not just the wine talking.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 159 – Book Club Hugs

  1. So was I the minister or the new church friend? I think what you’re doing is amazingly brave and loving and vulnerable. I will share and look forward to reading more.

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