Day 161 – Mother to Mother Hug

8 HUGS, 2 children, 6 adults (1 Husband, 2 neighborhood friends, 1 postal worker, 2 Little Gym employees)

I need to say a BIG THANK YOU to my annoyingly motivated neighbor. If it weren’t for her determination to get in shape and kick my butt in gear too, I wouldn’t have received half the hugs that I got today. Was I complaining the whole 4 mile walk? yes. Did I want to give up half way through? yes. Am I glad that she pushed me to keep going? *reluctantly hanging head* yes. Not only did I get great exercise, I got 3 hugs on the walk AND great conversation. Turns out it was a pretty good way to turn my day around.

The hug opportunity that I am most grateful for is the postal worker’s hug. I have gotten to know her a little over the past few years. Today, she waited as we were walking down the road. She expressed how she wishes she could still push her babies around in a stroller. She then let us know that her son is moving out tomorrow and her daughter was thoughtful enough to buy her a nice card. She looked to be in tears as she was sharing this. I was so moved because it hurts my heart to think of the days when my babies will be leaving the nest. I knew she needed a hug, so I made my way over someone’s plants (sorry for your plants) and gave her a big squeeze. A mother to mother squeeze. I congratulated her on her mothering capabilities to provide enough for them to be on their own. I know I can’t take away the pain of losing a piece of yourself, but I hope I found a way to ease it a little.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 161 – Mother to Mother Hug

  1. Oh I know that mother’s anguish all too well. After some time and hugs from friends she will look back and remember how she hated to see her children leave and then, if her children are anything like you and your sisters are, she will be very proud at how well they have grown and the accomplishments they have made. She will always remember the loneliness she felt when they left but will immediately go to how very proud she is at how happy they are. (few tears of my own at the moment). You did the best thing for her that day on her route by giving her that warm and caring hug you are so good at. Love you

    {{{{HUGS TO YOU}}}}

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