Day 166 – Patience (it’s a virtue)

14 HUGS, 2 children 12 adults (1 husband, 10 UCT church friends, 1 minister)

Today I found myself very focused on who I would hug at church. Who had I met recently that I could seek out for a hug? Great thought, right? *yeah, I’m climbing down from my high horse now.* It was actually more on the selfish side. When I took the time to think about why I was so focused on these church hugs, I realized that it had more to do with having a great blog post than it did with spreading joy. I refocused back to just being in the moment than worrying about the outcome of any hugs I would receive at church. If I was meant to have them I would get them. I needed to use patience and faith.

At the end of church, a sweet man that had been sitting to my right struck up a conversation with me. He had a daughter around the same age as my oldest. By the end of the conversation I had my wonderful hug opportunity. I let him know it was great meeting him and I hoped to see him again next Sunday. And, you know what? 6 more hugs were to be had after that. Not people I sought after, but people who I happened to come across as I was leaving church.

Turns out good things DO come to those who wait.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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