Day 180 – I’m Counting

19 HUGS, 2 children, 14 adults (1 husband, 13 Unity Church of the Triangle friends)

I am so happy I listened to my intuition today. After my 5th hug of the day I felt the urge to use my counter for the first time. (yes, I have a counter…)

Each one of these hugs were memorable in their own right. However, 3 hugs in particular really stood out for me. 1 was from my Unity Principles class facilitator. Today was the first day I met him and apparently my reputation precedes me. As soon as he saw me he asked if I was Melinda as his arms were reaching out for a hug. I love meeting people that already know me as the hugger. And…..that wasn’t the only one of the day.

I sought out the head of the welcoming committee because I want to volunteer with that group. A few moments after meeting her she exclaims, “wait. Are you the hugger?” Yes! I love it.

The final one was from an elderly woman who remained seated while the congregation stood up to sing “Let There Be Peace On Earth”. Everyone in the congregation holds hands while singing this song and I made my way across the aisle so that I could hold hers. Near the end of the song, I felt an overwhelming urge to hug her. As soon as the song was over I leaned down and gave her a big hug. She squeezed me right back and her eyes appeared to be misting. As I began to walk away she continued to hold on to my arm until she could grab my hand and squeeze that as well. It was a squeeze that told me how much the hug meant to her. I don’t think I realized until just this moment how much it meant to me as well.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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