Day 203 – Love Fest

13 HUGS, 4 children, 7 adults (1 husband, 1 friend at The Little Gym, 2 employees (friends) at The Little Gym, 1 employee at Walmart, 2 neighborhood friends)

Today was just one big love fest. Even at The Little Gym where 4 year old takes karate it felt as though there was more love than ever. Everyone was giving and getting hugs and it wasn’t all by me. (I swear!) One of the great things about hugs is the more I get the more I want.

After class we immediately headed to Walmart. I have not always had the best opportunities for hugs at Walmart in the past. I wasn’t really thinking too much about it as we perused around the store and I picked up way more stuff than I planned. As we were checking out I noticed a line begin to form behind me. Hmmm… that always makes me nervous about hugging because I don’t want to hold up the line. As I was still loading bags in my cart the cashier began ringing up the next customer. If that’s not a signal that it’s time to go, I don’t know what is. No, not today, dangit (that’s right I said dangit). I am raising hug awareness and if I have to hold up the line, so be it. In the middle of helping the next customer I walked right up to the cashier and asked for a hug. I surprised myself with the amount of confidence I had. No more meek Melinda. And judging by her reaction, it really showed. She turned to me with a smile on her face and said, “yes, maam.” Maam? Not what I expected, but it was clearly only said out of respect and habit. Her body language let me know she did not feel obligated to hug. She truly enjoyed it. I proudly walked away knowing I planted a seed not only in her head, but perhaps in the 3 others waiting in line.

I am thinking though that I need to work on striking a balance between confidently hugging and smothering people. One of my neighbors today remarked, “another hug, jeez what is this all about?” (it was her 3rd hug in less than an hour…) I was just completely caught up in the day. *shrugs* There are certainly worse things I could be caught up in.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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